Enemy Interaction V1.0



Download Here

Enemy Interaction is a script that – for now – only allows players to “talk” to designated enemies and give items to designated enemies. Upon talking to an enemy, giving an enemy it’s “wanted item”, or giving an enemy an item it does not want, there can be reactions set up. These reactions can be: buffs added, debuffs added, states added, skills used, or the enemy simply leaving battle. Although the setup and codes aren’t exactly “simple”, the concept, as of right now, is pretty simple. This will most likely be greatly expanded on in the future, so if you have any ideas, suggestions, questions, or problems, COMMENT ABOUT THEM. Seriously, let me know, via this website, any post that I put this script up on, or via private message on any website I frequent (VXAN, RMW, RMRK). Thanks, and enjoy!

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