Threat System V1.4


Download Here

1.4) States can now give/take threat, DEFAULT_STT is the amount used by states that are untagged. Skills/attacks with no  damage now add to threat IF they have valid effects (add a state or buff/remove a state or buff, etc). Buffs and debuffs can also give/take threat now through the variables DEFAULT_BF and DEFAULT_DB, or individually through the buff and debuff settings if IND_BF_RATE and IND_DB_RATE are set to true. RANDOM_CHNC has been changed to allow three  different styles of battle. All threat values can be be negative!

V1.3 adds ICON_VIEW as an option. When set to true icons will take the place of the Threat gauge. These icons will change depending on threat levels and are set by the user.

V1.2 adds two new options, random_chnc and random_num. Random_chnc, if true, allows some of the enemy attacks to be chosen the default way. Randomly… The biggest threat will still be the main target of most attacks, but there is now a chance to attack others as well(it is optional). Random_number is a number that helps decide the frequency of random attacks. The higher this number is, the lower the chances of a random attack.

V1.1 adds compatibility with Yanfly’s Battle Engine, although the gauges are smaller in Yanfly’s HUD so “Threat” will be shortened to “TH” ONLY if Yanfly’s Battle Engine is installed.

The Threat System is a pretty simple script that I made for practice, it adds a threat bar in place of TP, so TP must be disabled to use this. You can note tag skills to add certain amounts of threat to an actor and the actor with the highest threat level will be targeted by enemies. I may add some more options to it in the future.

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