Custom Gauge V1.1



Download Here

V1.1 adds more ways for the gauge to increase(all are optional), and allows you to display the gauge on the map.

This script allows you to have your own custom gauge in place of TP, you can name it, choose it’s colors, choose what effects it, and set up skills that use it! You can also use script calls to raise/lower it outside of battle, or use conditional branches to perform checks based on the gauge’s value. More info and instructions are in the scripts header.

One thought on “Custom Gauge V1.1

  1. Hello, I tested the script in a “new project” (clean)
    to change the line 66 (AUGE_ON_MAP) to “false”, this error appears

    Script “Euphoria – TP” line 374: NoMethodError ocurred.
    undefined method ‘visible =’ for nil: NilClass

    changing line 74 (GAUGE_IN_BATTLE) to “false”, the “TP BAR” not have any effect.

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