Hey, I’m Euphoria. I will be using this website to keep all of my public RPG Maker edits and creations in one place. I hope you enjoy the content. Please read the terms of use before using anything on this site! I will say it again here, all materials are free to use in all situations, scripts are free to use non-commercially only (unless you have my consent). Chasing Destiny material is for viewing only. DO NOT download any material from my game, Chasing Destiny. Thank you.

If you read this, PLEASE comment on stuff, let me know if you like it, hate it, want more of it, want something entirely different. Just let me know what the people want for resources and I will see about getting them created!

8 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. I’ll be back.. ;-)
    As soon as I get to second year..
    As i have a compulsory need of a PC after first year.. :-)
    I am studying computer science.. :-P
    All first years have to lay low due to ragging.. :-(

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